Facial recognition in Quantum Sense

We are extremely happy to announce that the latest version of Quantum Sense engine comes with the facial recognition feature, which enables our clients to instantly identify people appearing in front of cameras that are connected to our software. 

What is facial recognition all about?

Originally, facial recognition systems were used for security purposes at airports, courts or in criminal databases. Currently, the range of its possible applications is extending month by month. Nowadays you can unlock your phone or even certain apps with your face, authorize yourself in bank online service channel or group your iPhoto or Picasa photographs basing on facial recognition system. Recently Facebook, on behalf of expanding Messenger functionalities, acquired facial recognition company called FacioMetrics, so perhaps in near future we can expect, that we Facebook users will be able to like certain online object only with a smile…


facial detection airport
A Customs and Border Protection officer demonstrate facial comparison technology at Kennedy Airport. Source: newsday.com.


The possibilities of using facial recognition are literally endless. Some of our ideas include ie.: fraud protection at retail locations, employee monitoring at work, advanced customer service and customer experience analytics or immersive advertising experiences straight from the “Minority Report” movie.

How may it help your business?

Phaceology is the first company, that fully benefits from facial detection feature available in our engine. Just to remind you – Phaceology offers real-time customer experience measurement in retail locations, based on Quantum Sense technology.


facial recognition at retail spaces
Costa Vida Employees taking part in Phaceology pilot. Source: Phaceology.com


Facial recognition helps Phaceology identify certain employees in each single restaurant and collect the results specifically for each of them. Therefore Phaceology clients know how each of their employees performs during each shift. They may identify the fields of improvement for each of them, identify hours of their best and worst performance and also the room for improvement for a specific person.

As we stated before, facial detection has many possible applications and may solve many business problems, that currently are only partially addressed. If you feel, that facial detection technology may help your organization, please don’t hesitate to contact us!