How Are You will be presented in Vienna – Pionieers Festival 2013

Pioneers Festival is one of the biggest event of this type in Europe – mainly, focused on entrepreneurship, startups and innovative technologies. We are the only startup from Poland, which was chosen to have a great opportunity to promote the best mobile mood tracker ever.

The conference, located in Vienna’s Hofburg Imperial palace, is becoming more and more popular among people interested in new technologies area and what’s more important its creators. Startups, investors, founders and innovators from the whole world will gather 30 & 31th of October to celebrate the progressive advancement in technology. The main idea of the festival is supporting the innovative approach and the possibility of meeting its supporters. All the entrants of the festival will have a chance to participate in inspiring lectures, workshops, experience a variety of tech products, and discuss about the ongoing trends during the networking events. The invited startups will also showcase themselves during the 90 seconds pitch, by preparing an exhibition of their product or will be fighting for the victory in the contest – Pioneers Startup Challenge 2013.

We are very grateful for the invitation and can’t wait to take part in the event. We will be promoting our app, inspired by the Quantified Self movement. How Are You is a simple but scientifically based mood tracker, supported with A.I. feedback. We hope that measuring people’s emotions will help them improve the quality of their daily routine. We hope that by participating in Pioneers Festival we will be able to share our idea worldwide, and encourage the technology fans to understand our notion: Quantifying our behaviors and emotions can change our life!

Also we would like say big thanks to one of our investors, Angel Business Seedfund for sponsoring this trip for us!