Impressions from stay in the Silicon Valley – Ready to Go

As we earlier informed, we got a chance to participate on November in the “Ready to Go” program in California targeted to startups. It was a very fruitful experience and for sure a new beginning for our company.

Our CEO who was travelling with the members of other startups which were qualified (Migam, Brand24, GLOV). “I had a really great time, very inspiring. I loved being in San Francisco and, as I love travelling, I’ve got a chance to get to know California a bit. But, most of all, I’m really proud of contacts I’ve gained there and a change of my attitude about doing business” – says Bartosz.

During the whole stay he took part in many workshops, discussions and lectures concerning running the startup, market entry, law and so on. “I met a lot of inspiring people, and I found out about differences about creating a market product in Poland and in the US. I met many individuals with very interesting ideas, and various points of view” – admits Bartosz. He also spent some time in the Startup Embassy, when he could experience international atmosphere with other founders. Undoubtedly, our great success is welcoming a new member of our team – Bob Christopher. Our new advisor would be also our representative in the US and would be mentoring our further development. “We did a hard job, working with Bob almost every day and validating a concept of our new product. I’m really excited about the effects! We got a positive feedback, also among the investors and big companies, what opens us the doors for new possibilities and challenges “ – says Bartosz.

Another important step forward was incorporating our company in the US. We hope that with the help of Bob we would develop widely and expand the market, not only there, but on the global scale.
We would really like to thank Business Link Trojmiasto for giving us this special opportunity to go to California! That was incredible and valuable time and we can’t wait for what the nearest future brings.