Say hello to Phaceology! Customer experience measurement platform based on Quantum Sense Technology!

After more than six months of intensive work with our partners from Salt Lake City, we are super excited to announce, that the new quality in consumer experience measurement was born. Please say hello to Phaceology!

From the very beginning of Quantum Lab, our mission is to create technology that would help to solve behavioral problems in various kinds of organizations. As we created Quantum Sense, the software that automatically recognizes human emotions from facial expressions, the natural point of our focus as a potential field of its application was customer experience in restaurants, hotels or retail locations.

Therefore we initially launched Quantum Sense based customer experience measurement platform in the Costa Vida restaurant network in Salt Lake City (Utah).

What we delivered for the owners of the chain, was not only the technology, but also proven methodology to quantify how their employees really affect their customers, and how their customers really feel while ordering food in certain locations.

In chosen┬árestaurants, we set up cameras that monitor both servers and guests facial expressions. Results are stored in our databases and analyzed with our universal customer experience measurement algorithm. In other words – Phaceology – makes customer real feelings – quantifiable. Once guests emotions are quantified and analyzed, the whole new range of improvement opportunities opens for the business owners. Beginning from training and evaluation of employees, and finishing on redefining the customer experience map in chosen locations.

After few weeks of customer measurement with Quantum Sense, Costa Vida was richer for tons of customers data and ready for major changes in employee training which led to serious improvements in quality of customer experience in all locations where the solution was applied.

After the Costa Vida pilot success, our partners noticed the potential of the solution and decided to set up Phaceology – the cross-industry platform that will change the way how customer experience is measured.

In forthcoming months we plan to expand the monitoring in another Costa Vida locations.

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