Quantum Lab in Silicon Valley

Happily, we gained a wonderful chance to take part in a kick-off of Ready To Go Project. Moreover, all the events are located in San Francisco Bay. We are looking forward to going there!

That’s the first edition of the program, organized by Business Link. We will be accompanied by 3 other selected companies, so that would be a fruitful time to share our experience and future vision of our development. In total, we will stay 3 weeks in the US visiting San Francisco, San Jose and Palo Alto. What’s more important, we will spend some time in Startup Embassy and Blackbox.vc. With no doubts, that’s an unique opportunity to collaborate with other entrepreneurs and to meet with investors, experts and executives from all around the world. For sure, that would be tiring and intense time, but abundant in a lot of benefits. During our stay we will attend lots of trainings, workshops, investor forums and pitch sessions, and additionally individual and groups mentorings. The entire agenda concerns topics connected with running business, raising capital, law and market entry.

We would have a chance to validate our product and jointly looking for new solutions with potential clients from the US and finding out about the possibilities and main problems of running the company in the US. Our stay is organized by US MAC – an accelerator from Silicon Valley, helping foreign tech companies to grow and succeed. We are planning to do a video-report of our trip, but we hope it would be unforgettable!