The 10 best Quantum Lab moments of 2014

The outgoing 2014 year was fruitful and astonish for our company in many ways. However, 10 moments were so much historical, that we have decided to dedicate them this blog entry.

So, here are the 10 best Quantum Lab moments of 2014:

1. Forbes made interview with Bartosz

Yep, nothing to add. That was an incredible experience!

2. Channel TVP1 featured How Are You App

How many mobile apps, which were featured by national public broadcaster, do you know? If not many, you can watch one here.

3. 2nd place in Infoshare Startup Contest

We were close, but Professor Why was closer. Congrats for CTAdventure. Good job guys!

4. Bartosz in TrendBook 2014

TrendBook 2014, written by Natalia Hatalska,  is one of the most recognizable and must read positions for all technology freaks. Among them, you will find Bartosz talking about wearable technology. Just click here.

5. The 2nd edition of TechMatch Poland

And chance to present our company in front of such giants like Oracle, Honda and AT&T. How cool is that? Very!

6. First ever Xpress Engine presentation at the Purple Day 2014 Conference

That night will remain forever in our hearts. We were stressed and thrilled at the same time, but luckily everything went smooth and at the end of the day we looked like a bunch of smiling guys.

7. First business implementation with SW Research

Weeks, days and hours spent on coding brought us our first, small proof of concept. Since that time, we are coding harder, faster and better. Many thanks to guys from SW Research. This would be not possible without them.

8. Universal McCann Poland

That was something huge. We signed our first business and research cooperation agreement with the advertising agency. Champaign was present.   

9. Acorn

For Bartosz, it was a dream come true. First client from Japan and feeling that we are going global.

10. Emotional Christmas tree

At the end of the year, Krzysztof and Darek, our two brilliant engineers, came up with the idea of Christmas tree which brighten its fairy lights when someone smiles. It was so awesome that three Tv stations made a material about Quantum Lab’s emotional Christmas tree. One of them you can watch here.

That is it guys! It was a great year working with you and besides best moments we had lots and lots smaller successes and of course some fails. But it does not matter, because what really matters is that we are still together as friends and company, we have fun each day and we know that the bright future is ahead of us.