First, we taught computers how people feel.

Now, they help us to measure Customer Experience
online and offline.

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Our Solutions

Our Solutions are helping our Clients to improve Customer Experience on different touchpoints.
Either it's your video communication or face to face service - our solutions are there to help measure, understand and improve your Clients emotions.

Quantum Insight
  • Brands
  • TV Stations
  • Marketers
  • Movie Distributors

Online video testing platform with emotion recognition. Make better decisions and predict reactions!

Usage: ads, trailers, TV content, animatics or informercials

97% correctly detected emotions

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Our Clients Our Clients

Partner solutions

Phaceology Insight

Measuring Customer Experience in retail location providing new, real-time feedback for hospitality employees.

Increases monthly revenue by 8.3%.

Drops negative reviews amount by 2,5x.

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Quantum Insight
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