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Our Team

Quantum Lab is developed by a Team of open-minded people thinking ahead of their time. Coming from diverse professional backgrounds, we combine passion for work with individual skills to deliver cool and engaging projects. We are always excited to learn new things and undertake new challenges.

Our HR mission

Our mission is to bring together people talented in different fields and provide the necessary leader’s support for them to make use of. We want to set the right direction for both personal and professional development. We want to build the Team of people who trust one another, inspire one another and simply like spending time together outside work.

Our values

When we started developing our core values, we decided they should agree with the guiding principles of our lives. We believe in our company values and reward each other for sticking to them. Want to know if you are a good fit for our Team? See if you identify yourself with our values!

Why you might consider working with us

Our current openings

If none of our current openings matches your interest, don't hesitate to contact us. We are always looking for great talents that will call Quantum Lab their second home. Please send your resume to Copy link together with a few sentences on how you can contribute to our Team.

  • Vp of Engineering

    Gdańsk, Poland

  • PHP Senior Developer

    Gdańsk, Poland

Vp of Engineering

Gdansk, Poland

We believe that you can only manage what you measure.That’s why we had build an AI stack to measure and analyze human emotions and behaviors in Customer Service scenarios. On top of it, company delivers working solutions for any retailer or call center business. Our Products are there to measure, analyze and provide feedback on customer service in real time. We are working mainly with C++, PHP,Node.js and Python.

Have a look at what we do!

What we offer:

  • Salary ranging from 7000 to 12000 PLN net based on contract of employment
  • Full-time employment in our HQ in Olivia Business Centre in Gdańsk
  • Refinanced (66%) or financed (100%) trainings and courses
  • Possibility to work from home as well (home office)
  • Silent hours in the office, so you can focus
  • Private health-care plan (Lux-Med)
  • Multisport card


  • Personnel management - recruiting, managing current teams, ensuring proper skilldevelopment. Overseeing IT staff members
  • Engineering execution – the VP Engineering is responsible for ensuring that theproduct vision is realized through excellence in execution
  • Technical leadership – the VP Engineering is responsible for co-developing thetechnical strategy with the CTO, and for developing and maintaining a technicalroadmap that will continue to innovate from a technical standpoint
  • Provide leadership, motivation, and vision to the engineering team
  • Manage the product development process intelligently and effectively. Ensure thatstrategic planning, direction, development, delivery, and QA result in innovative,reliable, and high-performance products that are consistent with interlocked PRD andproduct roadmap, and the company’s broader business goals
  • Strategy development – the VP Engineering serves as part of the senior staff, working in an interdisciplinary manner with their peers in other departments ProductManagers as well as the CEO, CTO, and COO) to develop company strategy andproduct strategy
  • Responsibility for technical budget - The VP Engineering is responsible for managingthe annual bottom-up budget for the engineering department
  • Meetings with potential and current Customers, partners, potential co-workers etc. todeliver support from technical perspective
  • Taking key role in planning work and maintaining work methodology

What we require:

  • At least 3 years experience in professional coding
  • A total of 6 years of early - to mid- stage Technology Startup experience
  • Some experience in leading small and mid-size teams
  • Strong interpersonal skills (communication, planning, leadership etc.)
  • Strong interest in AI is a must, understanding of AI principles is a plus
  • Very good understanding of technical processes and optimization (staging, testing, deployment etc.)
  • Understanding of current technology trends and engineering methodologies

PHP Senior Developer

Gdansk, Poland

Tired of doing the same old project in some old version of your favorite coding language? Do you feel like your job has no meaning to you at all and would like to create something impactful with a team of A class players? Do you want to do work that everyone will appreciate? Do you want to work in a company where developers are praised and respected and not just an „IT department that creates problems?”

Join our team of AI Engineers, Developers, Psychologists, Product Designers (and just Designers as well) - we're creating future of human to machine interactions with our empathic technology for emotion recognition. We use empathy for each other as well. We are not only co-workers but we are friends. The atmosphere in the office is informal and this is how we like to work. Join us and see for yourself how open-minded people create disruptive things.

Have a look at what we do!

What we offer:

  • Meaningful Project and sense of clear direction. We are not just another software company - we are the only company in Poland (and one of few in World) that works on empathic machines.
  • Full-time employment in our HQ in Olivia Business Centre in Gdańsk
  • Working on an advanced product, using our very own image processing technology - Quantum Sense
  • Possibility to work from home as well (home office)
  • Silent hours in the office, so you can focus
  • Refinanced (66%) or financed (100%) trainings and courses
  • Private health-care plan (Lux-Med)
  • Sport card
  • Access to cutting edge technology, e.g.: Movidius Neural Compute Stick, Raspberry Pi 3 and RaspiCam cameras, NVIDIA® DIGITS™ DevBox, C++ (Hunter, OpenCV, dlib), front-end (ReactJS),back-end (NodeJS, Symfony), Apache Thrift, ApacheSpark, other...
  • Salary ranging from 8500 PLN to 12800 PLN gross based on contract of employment


  • Development of Quantum’s product in team with other developers, based on web technologies: Symfony 2 and 3 and JavaScript, ​NodeJs.
  • Contacting internal and external stakeholders within given tasks.

What we require:

  • Working knowledge of PHP, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript
  • Understanding of using the Symfony frameworks and MVCmodel
  • Understanding in using and configuring Linux-based servers
  • Understanding in using the Git version control system
  • Working knowledge of NodeJS, less, gulp, composer, and thrift would be an advantage
  • Knowledge of using and designing machine learning algorithms would be an advantage
  • Ability of basic configuration of Apache and NginX servers
  • Ability to easily communicate in English with our international Partners is a plus

Work methodology:

  • Issue Tracking Tool: JIRA
  • Knowledge Repository: JIRA/Basecamp
  • Agile management: Yes
  • Code Reviews: Yes
  • Pair Programming: No
  • Unit Tests: No but planned
  • Integration Tests: No
  • Build Server: No
  • Static Code Analysis: Yes
  • Version Control System: Yes (git)
  • Tester(s): No
  • QA Manager: No
  • Freedom to choose tools: Yes

Job profile:

  • New features (70%)
  • Maintenance / Bug fixing (20%)
  • Client support (0%)
  • Document writing (5%)
  • Meetings (5%)

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