Teaching computers how people feel

Quantum Sense technology

Quantum Sense is proprietary technology developed by Quantum Lab. It makes it possible to read human emotions and behaviors using standard camera feed.

Since 2015, it has been constantly tweaked and adjusted to track behaviors and emotions important for measuring Customer Experience in online and offline interactions.

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Quantum Sense is the best human emotion and behavior
detection technology transforming Customer Experience.

Fast and scalable in offline environment
Well-performing under different angles and changing lighting conditions
Validated in measuring Customer Experience in various offline settings
Tested and assembled hardware kits available

What can Quantum Sense do?

Emotion detection

Analyze people's emotional states in both online and offline settings to discover the key drivers towards the best Customer Experience. Quantum Sense can analyze the six emotional states that matter the most: happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, surprise, and neutrality.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition enables you to distinguish one person from the other, building better experiences based on previously observed behavioral patterns.

Direction of looking

Estimation of gaze and points of focus in the viewers' field of sight. This feature can be used in analyzing both human-to-human and human-to-machine interactions.

Avaible via API and SDK

Integrate Quantum Sense into your own project by using our SDK or use the easy and dependency-free web API.

Voice analysis

Analyze speech patterns and sentiment in conversations. Quantum Sense can use several audio cues to tell you even more about what's going on.


Detection and estimation of viewer engagement. Quantum Sense can tell if the viewer is interested in the provided stimulus.

Is person talking

Detection and analysis of visual and audible speech patterns. Distinguishes emotional facial expressions from expressions resulting from talking.

Multi face analysis

There is no limit to the number of faces that can be analyzed simultaneously. Analyze crowds, queues, large audiences, you name it.

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