Quantum Lab is a Polish Startup of the Year 2015

Yesterday, during Poland National Finals of Central European Startup Awards at STARTER we won in the category: “Startup of the Year“! We much appreciated that Central European Startup Awards Committee recognized our work and decided to distinguish us with this superb title. The title which encourages our team to dream big and work hard 🙂


On the fly, we want to pass huge thank you whole STARTER team for organizing tremendous event! Regret if you weren’t there 😉

And the most important thing. The final winners will be announced on the Grand Finale on the 8th October in Hotel Schani, Vienna. Grand Finale winners are chosen from the National winners by Jury Board of Central European Startup Awards. So, if we would be lucky, how knows, maybe we will become the Central European Startup of the Year 2015 😉

Keep your fingers crossed guys!