Facial recognition in Quantum Sense

We are extremely happy to announce that the latest version of Quantum Sense engine comes with the facial recognition feature, which enables our clients to instantly identify people appearing in front of cameras that are connected to our software.  (more…)


Xpress Engine

Xpress Engine is a facial expression recognition system allows to read people emotional response from their facial expressions using any modern device with a camera. Using Xpress Engine, we can track people emotions while showing them stimuli on any desktop computer or mobile device. Xpress Engine potential perfectly fits the needs of market research but also it can be used as a measure of consumer satisfaction and productivity indicator of outdoor campaigns.

Xpress Engine can detect such emotions like happiness, surprise, sadness, anger, disgust along with gender and age group.

Popular areas of application: market research, scientific research, robotics, medicine, retail, security, outdoor marketing and gaming.

If you are interested in using Xpress Engine for your business, feel free to check out Xpress Engine website or contact us directly.


Ellen – Discover Consumers’ Emotions

Ellen is a beautiful, precise and easy to use technology which allows research companies to recognize and analyze emotions evoked by different kinds of stimulus like TV and Internet commercials, outdoor and indoor adverts or simply music and video clips.

We sincerely believe that having Ellen on board can facilitate each research department of this companies which are interested in measuring emotions of their consumers. This should contribute to better understanding what people feel towards different stimulus and at the same time it can change the way of how we think about impartial measuring emotions.

Please be our guest and check out what We and Ellen can do for your business.


How Are You App – Therapy in your pocket

How Are You App, is devoted to people who suffer from depression and mood disorders. We believe that a mood tracking has a tremendous potential to help people in depression understand what are the main mood triggers in their life, and how they change their mental health.

The app also promotes mental health by scientifically proven exercises which are sent to the user each time he or she makes a mood test. Unique features of How Are You App, like broad analysis, buddy encouragement, and gratitude diary along with exercises and hints from positive psychology, make it a comprehensive and highly efficient tool for self-improvement and better mental health

The How Are You App was developed for individuals, therapists, hospitals and business. Learn more on How Are You App website.